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Your website can be designed, built and hosted by Littlebean Design, saving you time, money and hassle. Our friendly team of website gardeners nurture each website project from germination to full bloom; you can find out more about how and the services we offer below.

Making it Happen

Littlebean Design have an organic approach to growing your website, here's how it works:

Illustration for site build process

Defining your Requirements

  • Your objectives
  • Your customer base
  • Key words
  • Site themes
  • Functionality
  • URL

Design and Build

  • Create site mock-up
  • Agree site design
  • Define copy & content
  • Build site

The Launch!

  • Test final build
  • Website go live
  • Submit to search engines
  • Submit to directories
  • Monitor site ranking

Web Design

You can be the proud owner of a bespoke website designed to suit the needs of your business or organisation! You tell us a bit about your business, your likes or dislikes, the functionality you’d like and we’ll design and build your site accordingly. And it’s not just about looks; we also make sure that customers find your website by using search engine optimisation techniques integral to the design to ensure your site is well ranked in the major search engines.

There's a wide range of functions your site could contain:

Don't worry if you're not sure what functionality you need, we'll talk you through the options.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of ensuring your site is highly ranked in search engines results pages. This is achieved using a variety of techniques depending on the algorithm used by the search engine, and uses data such as keyword, meta tags, and links to determine your site's ranking. And the work doesn't stop there; the web is constantly changing and a new competitors site could affect your ranking.

It's complex stuff! All you really need to know is that we ensure your site build is optimised for all the major search engines, and as part of our maintenance work we make sure your site continues to rank highly.


Every website needs to be hosted somewhere for the rest of World Wide Web to be able access it. We provide a hosting service for your website, using top quality servers which are monitored 24/7. Our hi-tech servers are hosted in UK based modern data centres, and we always ensure our servers are not overloaded. If you would like more information about the technical specifications of our servers please contact us.


Once your website is live you’ll want to ensure it continues to be effective. Due to the changeable nature of the web your website could slip down the search rankings over time no matter how perfectly crafted the initial build is. Your website will continue to rank highly with our monitoring and maintenance work.

You can use our maintenance package to make content changes, such as keeping your site up to date with special offers, stock changes or other key information. We will also provide you with monthly statistics for your website, tailored to your requirements.

This could include information such as:

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